What is Roadside Assistance?

Vehicle breakdown, careless handling, but also external influences or traffic accidents. Yes unfortunately, these things happen.

Vehicle breakdown, careless handling, but also external influences or traffic accidents. Yes unfortunately, these things happen. In the above cases, our Roadside Assistance product works as a balm on a wound and allows you to use the roadside assistance service free of charge. ORYX Assistance will repair your vehicle on the spot, and in the event that the repair cannot be performed on the spot, we will transport your vehicle for repair.

But that is not all. In addition to repairing your vehicle on the spot and transporting the vehicle if it is damaged or cannot be repaired on the spot, everything you may need at that time is at your disposal – a replacement vehicle, alternative transport, as well as hotel accommodation for you and your passengers. You do not even have to worry about storing and monitoring your vehicle, and we can also organize the return of the vehicle to your location. Effective, right?

Why Roadside Assistance?


Our vehicles are getting older just like us and thus the possibility of sudden breakdowns increases. Due to the growing number of vehicles on congested roads, traffic accidents also occur more often. Therefore, arrange roadside assistance for your vehicle on time.


Traffic accidents and breakdowns can cost you a lot of money and nerves and time. And if you are a business user, it can even cost you your income. With regular maintenance and appropriate roadside assistance, you can spend your time and budget as you like and reach your destination safely, wherever you go.


Imagine having a vehicle breakdown thousands of miles from home. You are in a foreign country, you cannot speak the local language, and the whole procedure regarding the repair of the vehicle or the removal of the vehicle from the road varies from country to country ... All this can turn into an expensive nightmare, but if you leave it to professionals, this does not have to be the case!


Call Centre

Hello, is anyone there? Of course, we are always there! Our toll-free number and Call Centre service is available round the clock, 365 days a year, in local language and key world languages.

Problem/breakdown diagnosis

What happened? Do not worry if you do not know! ORYX Assistance gives an expert diagnosis before performing any repairs to determine the extent of a breakdown or damage and to ensure adequate and prompt service.

On-site vehicle repair

Are we coming? We are already there! We will repair your vehicle on the spot! We handle breakdowns and problems that can be eliminated on the spot, such as changing the tire, replacing parts, jump-starting the vehicle, unlocking the vehicle, refuelling, replacing fuses and light bulbs, etc.

Pulling out a vehicle

Professional pull and push! In the event of a vehicle overturning or running off the road, we will get it to safety.

Vehicle transport

What if your vehicle needs transportation? Solved! Our service includes loading, transport and unloading of vehicles at the agreed location.

Replacement vehicle

And you, do you need transportation? We can arrange that, too! We have a free replacement vehicle for you and your passengers so that you can continue your journey unhindered.


We take care of drivers and other passengers. Hotel accommodation for the driver and all passengers in the vehicle.

Alternative transport

You are in a hurry but you do not want to drive? No problem! You can continue your journey, together with all the passengers in the vehicle, by bus, train, plane or taxi.

Vehicle storage

What will happen to your vehicle? We will keep it safe in case you are unable to pick up the vehicle due to medical treatment or the need for additional vehicle inspections…

Vehicle delivery

…and deliver it to your address!

The content of the service package may vary and depends on the type of package you have opted for at the point of sale.

When and how to use Roadside Assistance?

In short – always. We are available all year round, 24 hours a day.
Your call is free of charge, and 45 minutes later we will be there to take care of everything.

Whether it is a case of a breakdown or careless handling (wrong fuel being filled in the vehicle, keys locked in vehicle, etc.)
Whether it is a case of external events (hail, fire, flood, earthquake) or a traffic accident anywhere in Europe.

Where and how can you get Roadside Assistance?

You can arrange Roadside Assistance with your insurance company, bank, leasing company, telecom provider, card company or fleet management service provider and distributors and sellers of new and used vehicles, as an integral part of their products or as a standalone product, quickly and easily with a single click via online sales, application solutions or in person at branches. Whatever suits you!